Norm Frank, whose family this series centre’s on, lives with his wife and seven children in a tin shack the size of a double garage. They share one large bed between them and have been promised a new home by the government for more than three years now with no action. However Norm considers himself lucky. He drives the ambulance for the Medical Clinic, one of a handful of jobs available in the community of Utopia.

A remote Aboriginal settlement 300km North East of Alice Springs, Utopia, with its decentralised population avoids many of the problems encountered when various family or tribal groups are placed in close proximity to one another. Issues such as alcoholism and drug abuse whilst existing are not endemic. However, concerns over health, education and living standards are omnipresent

In a week that saw the anticipation of and eventually the first rain to fall in eight months, the community’s namesake was apt while the Howard Governments policy of ‘Intervention’ began to be noticeable as convoys of white four wheel drives drove up the dusty Sandover Highway and into Utopia.